Turkey has succeeded in medical sector in recent years. As a result of the developments, it has become a regional attraction center with the increasing pleasure.

It is necessary to keep in mind that Turkey is under the effect of global medical Dynamics due to the developments. We believe in the benefit of mutual activity of the sector shareholders in order to use the limited resources efficiently for a sustainable and quality medical system and to find permanent solutions in the rapidly changing conditions.

We founded TUSAP Healthcare Platform by emerging with this idea. As a mutual mind and idea movement, we aim to make vision discussions and produce quality information to affect the future of this sector.

Providing sustainability in medical service, value-based health care system, increasing the quality, the added value of the domestic industry to pass on higher production, medical service and public health applications developing day by day in our country, and medical financing will become the agenda of TUSAP events.

In a country as Turkey holding the capability to develop fast and harmonise, TUSAP events, which will move with the aim of determining the change’s direct, to follow developments and contributing the sector representatives, will be hold as Medical Vision Meetings.

Wishing to meet the healthy days.

Prof. Dr. Sabahattin AYDIN
TUSAP President of Executive Committee


Health Technologies

Date: 27 April 2018 / Venue: Medipol University

Health Service Delivery

Date: 3 September 2018 / Venue: Bezmialem Vakıf University

Date: 23 November, 2018 / Venue: Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University

Health Financing

Date: Date: September 2018 / Venue: Istanbul University

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