Turkey Health Platform Summit

Health Vision Meetings will be held four times a year, then; “Turkey Health Platform Summit” will be organized. Held annually in this activity; will take place with the participation of all components of the sector reports.

After each meeting, the conclusion reports will be distributed to members of the online platform and will be available in the digital media.

In TUSAP Health Platform Summit that was hold after 4 meetings in December,2017, near future of Turkey in health issue was discussed.

Openning Speeches
Opening Presentation (short video and slide presentation related to past meetings)
Professor Dr. Sabahattin AYDIN, Opening Speech on behalf of TÜSAP Organizing Committee

TÜSAP Vision Meetings 2017 Reports Abstract Presentations and Summit Workshop
Türkay Ufuk EREN, Health Technology Report and Presentation and Workshop
Dr. Şuayip BİRİNCİ, Health Service Presentation Report Presentation and Workshop
Turgut TOKGÖZ, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Report Presentation and Workshop
Assoc. Dr. Haluk ÖZSARI, Health Finance Report Presentation and Workshop

Near Future in Health (Panel)
Professor Dr. Rifat ATUN, Harvard University (Keynote Speaker)
Professor Dr. Sabahattin AYDIN, Moderator
Professor Dr. Eyüp GÜMÜŞ, Undersecretary of Ministry of Health
Dr. Mehmet Selim BAĞLI, SGK President
Dr. Reşat BAHAT, President of OHSAD