Movement in Common Sense For A Sustainable Healthcare System

Turkey has achieved significant breakthroughs and achievements that the world appreciates; As a result of these breakthroughs, it has become a regional centre of attraction in health service delivery with increasing satisfaction.

Despite all these developments, we, as her sons and daughters, need to always keep in mind that global healthcare dynamics have powerful influence upon our country’s market position and fate in this particular field of engagement. We fondly believe in the ultimate good of concerted action of all industry stakeholders unified under a single, common sense for assuring informed and intelligent use of limited resources for a sustainable and glorified healthcare system that delivers permanent solutions to problems.

Accordingly, we came together to act as one to lay the foundation stones of the TUSAP Healthcare Platform in 2016, where we intended to produce and exchange qualified information on matters with high potential to affect the country’s future, taking the current status of the healthcare industry as the baseline.

As of today, we now have achieved what we envisioned – i.e., the planning and organisation of 4 successive meetings under the common title “TUSAP Vision Meetings”, each focusing on “Health Technologies”, “Presentation and Delivery of Health Services”, “Drugs and Pharmaceutics” and “Health Funding”, respectively. The idea that invariably stands behind these events is, as always was, to bring people together to freely and equitably share and exchange opinions and suggestions on the ground of mutual respect and understanding. We further complemented the series with addition of a fifth and last event, namely a Summit that reviews the outcomes and deliverables of all priors before the year turn.

To channel the path of change, see what happens next and give a hand to industry representatives in the decision-making bodies, in a young country like Turkey, which has the appropriate skills for fast-paced growth and adaptation, “TUSAP” has now finalised a record of 5 consecutive years of successful events through meetings held from 2016 onwards. Each of these meetings produced final reports, derived from which has been intelligence then collected and collated as an invaluable input to its organisation; which, in turn, helped it gain the nature, size and state of an opinion platform.

We would like to inform that TUSAP plans to further its Vision Meetings in the following years as a movement of common sense in the same form and content and with the same enthusiasm and deliberation as before and beseech you all wellness, health and prosperity in the days to come.

Prof. Dr. Sabahattin AYDIN

For TÜSAP Executive Committee